Dagmar Dierk

Dagmar Dierk was born in West Germany and commenced her tertiary education at the University of Bonn, where she studied a Bachelor of Education. One of her major subjects was Sports science which led her to be more interested in sport medicine, alternative therapies, psychology, and working with the disabled. This inspired her to come to Australia in 1984 where she studied Naturopathy (Botanical Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy, Iridology, Nutrition, and Remedial Therapies) at the NSW College of Natural Therapies in Sydney. Developing a particular interest in Homoeopathy, but also questioning the limitations of purely classical teachings as part of her course, she acquired an additional diploma in ‘Modern’ Homoeopathy from The Australian Institute of Homoeopathy in Sydney. Originating from a strong desire to better understand the importance that the power of our mind plays in life and in health, she completed a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy at the NSW School of Hypnotic Sciences, Eastwood, in 1989.

Having appreciated, enjoyed and absorbed many studies and opportunities the city had offered, Dagmar knew that her place to practice Natural Therapies had to be closer to nature. After working two years in the Blue Mountains her family life took on more importance with the homebirth of her first son in 1989. She never doubted Australia being her new home, but questioned her decision regarding location and weather, subsequently following the sun and moving north to Bellingen. Here Dagmar opened a clinic in collaboration with other practitioners followed by her own private practice. Her work in Bellingen (1990-1996) was also paralleled by the homebirths of her second son in 1991, and her third son in 1993. About the childbearing and childrearing years Dagmar states: “Studying and being able to apply Natural Therapies successfully to help clients is a rewarding life path. Having the opportunity to witness the application in yourself and the children in your care gives it authenticity and is a pure blessing.” In 1997 Dagmar and her sons moved to the Northern Rivers, first Bangalow and in 2002 settled south of town, closer to nature, where she still works today.

Dagmar has 30 years of clinical experience and considers case taking, obtaining a detailed picture of the client’s history and state of dis-ease, to be of uttermost importance. She says:”It is like a puzzle and the more pieces you have available to work with the clearer the picture becomes. The first goal is to alleviate symptoms, whilst the main goal lies in unveiling the root causes of the problems.” In addition to healing imbalances, she gives her clients a deeper understanding of their body, its needs and how to treat it for optimal health, believing that learning is prevention. Dagmar considers every client to be unique and therefore, that treatment requires to be individually tailored to their needs. “Naturopathy is a balancing and progressive art form. There are never two clients alike and treatment may range from a single remedy, nutritional modification or therapy, to a combination of techniques and medicines.”