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Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul.

Marcus Aurelius


Healing Modalities

Herbal Medicine

“All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by nature, the challenge is to find it.”
– Unknown

This statement is of equal importance to natural therapists and orthodox physicians. In modern medicine a single ingredient is extracted from a plant, or chemically synthesised from the blueprint of a naturally occurring molecule, producing medication. With western, ayurvedic or chinese herbal medicines, the whole plant is used, which minimises the risk of side effects. Preparations used may be in the form of tinctures, powders, capsules, tablets, or teas from dried or fresh herbs and ingested or used for external applications, such as poultices.

The art of prescribing the most effective herb mix lies in treating the whole person, incorporating several herbs for individual body systems, which in return work synergistically to promote healing. Diligence in case taking and treatment design are required, and careful consideration must be given to the individual’s needs, as well as possible contraindications (like during pregnancy) and drug-herb interactions.


“Homoeopathy is the most simple, non-invasive, efficient, deep acting and economic therapy available to man.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Homoeopathy certainly is a gentle and non-intrusive, yet very effective treatment modality to the qualified practitioner, with its use of single remedies and power to address the whole person. Diligent case taking is required to establish a detailed symptom picture of the client, with careful consideration given to their mental presentation, like fears and emotions, as well as the inherited constitution (miasm). The goal is to match this complete picture to the most closely resembling remedy representing all the symptoms. Administering the correct remedy in the right potency for a minimum duration, thus stimulating the body’s ‘Vital Force’ (Chi), to achieve maximum results. This describes the basis of classical Homoeopathy, whereas modern Homoeopathy includes more recently discovered substances, polypharmic remedies (multiple medicines at the same time), and sets of remedies for desensitisations and allergies. Although beneficial for everyone, Homoeopathy is extremely suitable for treating babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly.


“The mind is powerful, and you have more control than you think” – Scott D. Lewis

Dagmar promotes that consciousness based healing or in simple terms the changing of thought patterns and negative belief systems, is one of the most powerful tools to ease dis-ease. She uses Clinical Hypnotherapy to varying degrees, as an adjunct to other treatment methods or as the main Therapy on its own. Depending on the client’s needs this may range from application of affirmations, visualisations, relaxation techniques or more specific mental exercises and self hypnosis, to accessing more deep seated problems thru Regression Therapy. Her emphasis lies in adding to the client’s ‘toolbox’ and regarding this process she states:

“It is most rewarding to observe the empowerment in clients when they learn simple techniques to ease discomfort and support their healing process, which they themselves apply to get better, stay well, and often reuse as a prophylactic when confronted with the same, or similar problem in the future.” Dagmar Dierk

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” Albert Einstein


In Iridology, Dagmar applies the German teachings and follows the ‘Topography of the Iris – Reflex Zones’, by Joseph Angerer, as well as Joachim Bray’s ‘Repertorium der Irisdiagnose’, which slightly differ from the American teachings by Bernard Jensen. The eye and iris are key tissues, or individual blueprints, which reflect the condition of other tissues of the body. Iridology is an invaluable adjunct to treatment, as it gives the therapist a picture of the person’s inherited constitution, subsequently highlighting predispositions and susceptibility to imbalances in the body. It needs to be understood that specific markings can be inherited or acquired after birth and that Iridology does not offer a diagnosis on its own, but greatly enhances the treatment plan designed for the client.


“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” – Carl Jung

Dagmar has been trained in a variety of bodywork techniques ranging from Remedial, Deep Tissue Massage, Osteopathic Stretches, Shiatsu, to Reflexology, using the style most indicated for the individual client. Massage is most valuable as an adjunct to other therapies in promoting recovery, healing, and health. Reflexology (foot massage) being especially useful in confirming and treating weaknesses in related zones in the body. Additionally touch and massage stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. This benefit deserves special mentioning when treating children, the elderly, and applied in rehabilitation and palliative care.


“Even in this high-tech age, the low-tech plant continues to be the key to nutrition and health.” – Jack Weatherford

Most people understand that ‘Our bodies are what we eat’, meaning that our body can only function and recover based on the fuel we provide it with. Subsequently it has become common sense to ingest unadulterated, organic, and freshly prepared foods (including sprouted, fermented, and cooked), suited to the individual, the environment, and climate we live in. Dagmar believes that this emphasis (on what we eat) often overlooks questions like:

“How healthy is our intestinal flora? How well do we absorb the foods? How efficiently does our body assimilate the nutrients provided? How well do we eliminate the waste products from the process of digestion?” Dagmar Dierk

We’ve known the gut to be the ‘second brain’, as it influences hormones and neurotransmitters, and studies show conclusively that anxiety is linked to our intestinal microbiome, which means that our food intake influences our brain chemistry and behaviour. These aspects are of even greater importance with an increase in age as well as with acute and chronic digestive problems. Individual diet planning like elimination diets, catering for food sensitivities, allergies and specific diseases is essential and also enables us to use specific foods indicated as medicines to support any treatment.

About Me

Dagmar Dierk North Coast Naturopathy Homeopathy Herbalism Hypnotherapy Iridology Massage and Nutrition

Dagmar Dierk


“I consider myself to be a facilitator in the healing process of the client. It’s like having a large toolbox to choose the most appropriate treatment from, but also having the responsibility to empower the client to learn about and use their own tools. Every treatment plan aims to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and can range from prophylaxis, to effectively treat acute ailments, to efficiently manage chronic conditions, to cure.”

  • Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.

    James Thurber
  • Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

  • We are healing when we can bridge the gap from the heart to the head.

  • Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyse us, they’re supposed to help us discover who we are.

    Bernice Johnson Reagan
  • Once we accept our limits we go beyond them

    Albert Einstein
  • The journey is more important than the destination.

    Arthur Ashe
  • The first wealth is health.

    Ralph-Waldo Emerson
  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    Lao Tzu
  • The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness.

    Arthur Schopenhauer
  • Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.

    Henry David Thoreau
  • Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

    Lao Tzu


What my client's say
  • The treatment that I received from Dagmar was life changing.
    I saw Dagmar more out of curiousity than because I felt that I had a need. At the time I was in the thick of caring for babies and small children and living sparsely in the bush. I was so tired and depleted that I did not realise that waking each morning and dreading the endless day ahead was something that could be different.
    Dagmar asked me many questions and assessed my condition. She gave me a homeopathic remedy. I took it as directed. It was 6 months later that I realised that my bone weariness had lifted, my digestive problems had resolved, and importantly, my emotional exhaustion had fallen away. Each day was brighter. The difference was so marked that I was able to look back and see that the fatigue I had been feeling for all those years was not, in fact, normal.
    Over the years I have been to see different natural therapists for different things. I have always been helped. My experience with Dagmar has stood out because of the marked change that I experienced. The contrast between feeling so poorly and so much brighter could only be attributed to the treatment, as nothing in my circumstances had changed.
    That experience has stayed in my mind and over the years I have made recommendations to people that they contact Dagmar for her services regardless of the distance because of her exceptional skill. She is truly the most brilliant homeopath and astute practitioner.
    I highly recommend Dagmar as a practitioner. I believe that she has the skills to help any person with any need.

    A. Y. Hastings
    Newcastle Australia
  • Dagmar’s skills and experience combined with her genuine empathy for people has made her my practitioner of choice and I highly recommend her to others seeking solutions to their health issues.

    Walter Albertson
  • Looking for a really good homeopath, someone who listens, asks pertinent questions and is very thorough,
    I was recommended to see Dagmar Dierk. After arriving, Dagmar began in a calm and clear way, checking and double checking the issues and possibilities, and when she was sure, supplied a remedy that fitted exactly my condition and symptoms. It was fascinating for me to notice how she explored the correlations and found the precise remedy for my system.

    As well, she supported my journey, helped me see the pattern of illness more clearly and suggested a supplement
    which really helped the whole thing lift. The second visit was amazing as the difference was apparent and palpable. When this kind of care is taken, the remedy works fast because it is accurate.

    Dagmar has a calm and relaxed manner which also helped me to let go of a lot of worry that had built up over several years of being ill every winter for weeks on end. She is very approachable, well versed in her field and able to bring other experiences and understanding to health issues as she reads widely and is always learning. I so appreciate her ability and experience and highly recommend her services.

    Stephanie Stone
  • We had the pleasure of meeting Dagmar on our annual leave in Australia in January 2016. Her efficient and knowledgeable way of doing things managed to stop my bout of Vertigo within 2 days whereas in Chile it took nearly two weeks. As Dagmar has complete files on our health, which she constantly updated through communicating via Skype from Chile, we would receive quick and informative responses which were easy to follow. There is always a positive side to the information given by Dagmar to help us with our well being that compliments the precise homeopathic, herbal and nutritional treatment she recommends.
    Being so isolated in a non English speaking country, we count ourselves lucky to have someone like Dagmar with a great deal of experience and knowledge.

    Denise & Michael Aleksander


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“Wisdom is the instantaneous recognition that any crisis is a blessing”

Dagmar Dierk


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